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Since 2003, we have provided custom logic solutions to OEMs worldwide.  Some were specialized subsystems such as a custom CPU.  Others were complete products, including the supporting PC device drivers, network protocol stacks, and web sites to complete the user experience.


Our core expertise is creating combination CPU with hardware assist to yield state of the art power/performance/cost profiles.  A lot of our work involves imaging.  However, our decades of cumulative experience can be applied to almost any area of the modern digital experience.


We take pride in our ability to design and deliver products that compete successfully in the global marketplace.




Since its founding, Rumble has developed ASICs for a number of image processing and compression tasks.  More recently, in response to changing technologies, our focus has been on FPGA-based solutions, allowing for a quick response to emerging markets and changing customer requirements. Our designs usually build upon our internally developed Intellectual Property,  and are carefully optimized for power, performance, and cost.


At the same time, our software and firmware development team has expanded their skill set to support a wide variety of industry-standard microcontroller architectures.


This combination of skills enables Rumble to deliver custom logic for incorporation into customers’ FPGA designs, full application solutions, or anything in between.



Our Expertise

Intellectual Property

Rumble has developed an extensive library of IP blocks for integration into customer FPGA or ASIC designs. Available designs include:


  • Small "footprint" H264 codec
  • Small "footprint" JPEG codec
  • Image Signal Processing (ISP)
  • Image scaler
  • Compact implementation of RiscV processor
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0 with HS support
  • SD card controller
  • Image sensor interface
  • Display controller
  • Various peripheral interfaces, including SPI and 2 0r 3 wire serial protocols



Rumble Development makes our collective expertise available through a variety of custom engineering services ranging from hardware design consulting to complete hardware and software implementations.  Things like a camera that stays connected continuously via WiFi for months on 2 AA batteries.  Or tiny cameras that take tens of thousands of pictures on a single charge. Or orchestrating rapidly rotating, flashing LEDs into a vibrant messaging machine.  Or a medical camera small enough to be inserted through a tiny incision.  We also create custom chips to do things like real-time 1080p H.264 compression.



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 We are located at 360 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 103, Acton, MA 01720. Google sometimes has trouble finding us. The blue arrow indicates the driveway you pull into. Bare to the right, you will pass the Victor school on your right then make a left into our parking lot.


Or call us at 978 929 9400


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